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Level 4 Pharmacy Students hold Medication Adherance Activity


Students of level four of  the College of Pharmacy set up the Medication Adherence Activity last December 7, 2016 at the ground floor of South Building, Namuthajiyah campus. This was done under the supervision of  Ph. Manal Al-Sayed, Course Director, with the help of Ph. Ghadeer Al-Kefiri, Contributor, and  with  the cooperation of  the Office of Students Activities. It aimed to highlight the importance of Medication Adherence and its impact on the health.

The activity was carried out through the following booths:
  • Each visitor first went to the reception booth where he/she was given a brief definition of Medication Adherence.
  • At the second booth, the visitor was assessed as to his/her degree or level of medication adherence.

    At the third booth, the percentage of medication adherence for many diseases in Saudi Arabia was highlighted for the visitor.
  • The fourth booth was for explaining the importance of medication adherence in diabetic patients, the barriers for medication adherence and how to improve it.
  • The fifth booth discussed the importance of taking asthma medications, the reasons for non-adherence and how to come up with a better compliance.
  • At the sixth booth, the effects of poor medication adherence and the solutions for this were explained.
  • The seventh booth showed the link of costs to poor adherence and how to avoid this problem.
  • The eighth booth underlined the patients' rights to have proper medication counseling.
  • The ninth booth featured medication reminder applications and devices.
  • At the last booth, the visitor was asked to write a comment or two about the activity.










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