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News Archives
MOHE review committee visits RCsDP for Dental Hygiene program
MOHE committee visits RCsDP for monitoring purposes
Six Postgrad Students in Pharmacy Present their Master's Theses
Presentations from Non-Academic Departments Dominate at 43rd QA Symposium
Top Three of 15 Winning Research Day Posters Announced
Sec-Gen of the Jordanian Medical Council visits RCsDP
15 Winning Research Day Posters to vie for Top Three Places this year
"All for One" - an Activity on Mental Disorders
5th Research Day at RCsDP - a huge success
A bountiful harvest for RCsDP for AY 2013-2014
Food Miracles
Two Papers and one Master's Thesis Defense at April 6 Postgraduate Activity
Community Project of PSCRCH
Together for a Better Smile
RCsDP Pharmacy research paper wins prize in DUPHAT 2014
Riyadh Colleges hosts calibration exercise for the first GCC Oral Health Survey Among School Children
Endodontic Treatments and Implants Discussed at Multidisciplinary Seminar on March 2
Seminar on Forced Eruption and Defense of Thesis on Varnish Effects on Enamel of Primary Teeth held in RCsDP
Safety Workshop in RCsDP - an Early Celebration of National Civil Defense Day
Master's Thesis Defense, Multidisciplinary Seminar and D.B.R.C Presentation fill up Postgraduate Sunday Schedule
Postgrad Multidisciplinary Seminar Continues and Gets Even Better
OTC Pharmaceutical & Pharmacist Advice - II held in RCsDP
Grade Inflation, E-Exams and Student Survey Results Discussed at 41st QA Symposium
Female Dental Interns Batch 8 Community Project 'Shine Bright like a Diamond'
Male Dental Interns Batch 8 Community Project 'Oral Health Education for Better Life and Beautiful Smile'
A Report on the 40th Quality Assurance Symposium
Male Dental Interns Batch 8 Community Project 'Dental Caries Awareness Campaign'
RCsDP signs Agreement with the KSU Biomaterials Research and Development Chair
More Topics and Speakers Featured at 39th Quality Assurance
Multidisciplinary Seminar Features Tooth Discoloration and its Management
Faculty Members resumes for work
BST in Dentistry
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